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In the past 20 years the baby carrier has become a favorite baby accessory among parents. Many studies have concluded that babywearing is beneficial to babies as well as very convenient for parents and grandparents. Babywearing promotes bonding with your child, calms babies, reduces crying and colic, allows parents to become attuned to baby’s cues and movements, reduces physical strain on a parent and allows freedom of movement.

Nurture Center offers several types of baby carriers to chose from for every size, fit and need: pouch, wrap sling, ring sling, soft structure carriers and Mei Tai. Choose the right kind for you and your baby from the detailed descriptions below.

Pouch Baby Carrier  Serene Sling

Pouch Carrier

Pouch carriers are constructed from a tube of fabric with a curved seam. Pouches are sized to the adult wearer, and once you find the right size, they are probably the most convenient baby carriers. Simply slip on the carrier, pop the baby in, and you are good to go! They fit easily in a diaper bag or stroller basket, and are cool and comfortable. However, Ring Slings are more adjustable. Nurture Center offers slings by Maya Wrap and Sakura Bloom.

Wrap Baby Sling  Moby Wrap

Wrap Sling

Wrap carrier is a simple strip of cloth that makes an elegant and comfortable baby sling. A little learning is required to wrap and tie the cloth, but easy to read instructions make learning a breeze. Wrap slings come in a variety of natural and organic fabrics. Wrap carriers are a great option for those preferring a two shouldered carrier with lots of flexibility. Baby can be worn on the front or back, and a wrap offers the ultimate in comfort for both mom and baby. A great carrier for babies that like to be held in the upright position. Nature Center offers Moby Wrap sling carrier in many colorful fabrics, organic fabrics and UV protection fabrics. This bestseller is only $44.95 and our local moms of newborns swear by it!

Ring Sling  Maya Wrap

Ring Sling

Ring sling is a shawl with a pair of rings attached to one end. The rings replace the knot or tuck-and-twist method of fastening used with traditional shawl carriers such as Mexican rebozos or Indonesian selendangs. Some ring slings have padding in the shoulder or along the edges of the sling. Nurture Center offers Maya Wrap Ring Sling with a lightly padded shoulder as well as several popular types of linen ring slings from Sakura Bloom. Prices range from $74-$160

Soft Structured Carrier - Beco

Soft Structure Carrier

Soft structure carriers feature a body panel and thickly padded shoulder and waist straps, which gives different weight distribution and overall different look and feel. Soft structure carriers hold the baby securely against the wearer's body, are suitable from birth through toddler age and provide the benefits of body-to-body contact for the baby. Soft structure carriers can be used in several carrying positions: front carry facing in, front carry facing out, back carry and side/hip carry. Nurture Center offers several soft structure carrier brands: Beco, ErgoBaby, Cat-Bird-Baby Pikkolo Carriers, and the Moby Go, in a wide variety of color, pattern and organic fabrics.

Mei Tai Carrier  BabyHawk

Mei Tai Carrier

Mei Tai carrier is a modern version of a two-shouldered carrier that also straps around the waist. This style of carrier is very popular in Asian countries, and is also known as Asian Baby Carriers (or ABC's). These carriers are an excellent option for people who want to spread the weight of the baby over both shoulders and the waist. They can also be shared by adults different in size. The biggest advantage of a Mei Tai carrier seems to be the beautiful fabrics on the panels! Nurture Center offers BabyHawk Mei Tai and Catbird Baby Mei Tai in a variety of styles and fabric patterns. Cost runs from $69-90

Babywearing Safety

Babywearing can be convenient and fun, but it also comes with responsibility for your baby’s safety. These babywearing rules from Babywearing International™ are paramount for your baby’s safety:

  • Make sure your baby can breathe. Baby carriers allow parents to be hands-free to do other things, but you must always remain active in caring for your child. No baby carrier can ensure that your baby always has an open airway; that’s your job. Never allow a baby to be carried, held, or placed in such a way that his chin is curled against his chest. This rule applies to babies being held in arms, in baby carriers, in infant car seats, or in any other kind of seat or situation. This position can restrict the baby’s ability to breathe. Newborns lack the muscle control to open their airways. They need good back support in carriers so that they don’t slump into the chin-to-chest position. Never allow a baby’s head and face to be covered with fabric. Covering a baby’s head and face can cause her to rebreathe the same air, which is a dangerous situation. Also, covering her head and face keeps you from being able to check on her. Always make sure your baby has plenty of airflow. Check frequently.
  • Never jog, run, jump on a trampoline, or do any other activity that subjects your baby to similar shaking or bouncing. This motion can do damage to the baby’s neck, spine and/or brain, explains the American Chiropractic Association.
  • Never use a baby carrier when riding in a car. Soft baby carriers provide none of the protection that car seats provide.
  • Use only carriers that are appropriate for your baby’s age and weight. For example, frame backpacks can be useful for hiking with older babies and toddlers but are not appropriate for babies who can’t sit unassisted for extended periods. Front packs usually have a weight range of 8 to 20 pounds; smaller babies may slip out of the carrier, and larger babies will almost certainly cause back discomfort for the person using the carrier.

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