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Medela Pump in Style Advanced On-the-Go Tote Breastpump

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Medela Certified Nursing Center This is the most current version of this breastpump model by Medela. The PISA in a "tote bag" was launched January 2011 as Medela item #57063. This pump model replaces PISA Shoulder Bag pump model 57027. The only change is the design of the shoulder bag that carries the pump. The pump price and features are exactly the same. Watch Medela Pump in Style Advanced instruction video here.

Order by phone from 10am-4pm pacific time (888) 998 - 2229

PISA Pump In Style Advanced is a daily use breastpump designed for moms who pump several times a day. All Pump In Style Advanced breastpumps offer portable convenience for quiet, discreet pumping anywhere. For convenience of pumping in a car, consider adding Vehicle lighter adapter to your cart.

The only electric retail pump with breakthrough 2-Phase Expression pumping for maximum milk flow. First researched and developed for hospital breastpumps, 2- Phase Expression is an advanced pumping pattern that mimics a baby's nursing rhythm by pumping in two distinct modes.

Medela PIS Shoulder Bag Breastpump Features and Benefits:

  • Daily use · double pump · electric
  • Adjustable speed/vacuum dial lets mom choose her most comfortable setting.
  • Removable PVC-free cooler bag with contoured ice pack keeps milk cool for up to 12 hours.
  • Battery pack lets mom pump anywhere, anytime. (Optional 9V vehicle lighter adapter available).
  • More milk in less time with 2-Phase Expression® technology when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum™.
  • Everything included in an attractive microfiber tote for fast and easy pumping.
  • Helpful storage pockets for organization.
  • Convenient integrated work surface for mom.
  • Double pumping kit includes PersonalFit™ breastshields.
  • IMPORTANT: This product is a single user item. Use by more than one user may pose a health risk, performance questions, and voids the warranty.
  • All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA-free.
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year limited warranty on the motor and 90 day limited warranty on other parts.
What's Included:

  • Attractive microfiber tote with built-in pump, bottle holders and tubing storage pocket
  • 2 - 24 mm (medium) PersonalFit breastshields
  • 2 - PersonalFit breastshield connectors
  • 2 - valves and membranes
  • Tubing
  • 4 - 5 oz BPA-free breastmilk bottles with lids, one wide base nipple and travel cap
  • Removable cooler bag
  • Contoured ice pack
  • Power cord
  • Battery pack (8 AA batteries not included)
  • Instruction Manual

We do recommend extra milk storage bottles or Medela milk storage bags.

We are a Medela Certified Nursing Center and we have the complete catalog of Medela Breastpump Parts and Accessories

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Reviewer: Danielle
01/28/2011 07:21pm
This is a must have for breastfeeding, workng Moms! I use this pump several times per day and have yet to have an issue! Without this pump, I would not have been able to continue breastfeeding after returning to work. The only negative is that the motor is quite loud...user review
Reviewer: Laurie
01/05/2011 06:12pm
Love this pump! I use it many times a week, at work, as well as at home. I've had some problems with milk supply and this pump has definitely helped me to increase my milk supply and also to continue breastfeeding my baby. Definitely a great purchase.user review
Reviewer: Mollie
01/04/2011 05:30pm
This is a great pump. I used it daily for almost one year and never had a problem with it. It's comfortable (as comfortable as a breat pump can be), and the bag is perfect for carrying your pump, bottles, cooler, breast shields, etc., discreetly. I would definitely recommend this pump.user review
Reviewer: blessy
11/04/2010 08:26am
This pump is the reason why I was able to keep nursing my baby when I went to work. It works great and is reliable- no problems here! Its worth the money you spend on it (compared to formula!)user review
Reviewer: Heather
10/25/2010 12:52pm
This pump is great, I have no complaints :) I recommend this to any working mother that has to pump on a regular basis, I use this 3-4 times per day mon - fri and it is still going strong.user review
Reviewer: Nicole
10/11/2010 07:34am
Medela are the best pumps on the market, hands down. This pump has worked great for me, and while I haven't needed any replacement or spare parts, they are extremely easy to find if needed.user review
Reviewer: Whitney Jordan
10/08/2010 09:37am
This pump is the best there is! It is pricier than other pumps, but you get what you pay for. I have been so pleased with this pump and so have other mom-friends of mine that also use this brand!user review
Reviewer: April Touchette
09/10/2010 05:00am
I love this pump. I have been using it on average of 3 times a day for the last 9 months while I am at work and it still works like the first day I used it. Any time you need a part they are easily accessable as well. Breastfeeding is best and it is nice to have this product to help give your baby the best nutrition possible. Very convienient in the car, office, etc. user review
Reviewer: Laura
07/18/2010 08:44am
This pump is the only one I would ever consider. I have used it daily for 4 months (exclusive pumping) and have never had a problem with it. user review
Reviewer: Kerry Kruse
07/05/2010 02:29pm
I love this pump! It gets so much use both at home and at work. I am a flight attendant and have to pump quite a bit in the air while I am away. I am very satisfied with the Medela pump and I am actually surprised on how long the AA battery pack has lasted since I often don't have the option of using the regular power outlet when pumping on the plane. Thank you for making a great product that allows us to nourish our daughter.user review
Reviewer: elizabeth
05/26/2010 10:57pm
I am the mother of five beautiful children, including 14-month twins. I am happy to say that the Medela Pump in Style I bought while pregnant with our first son has been by my side as I pumped at work with our first three and then as I pumped while our twins were in the NICU so they could be fed breastmilk through their ng tubes. I breastfed each of our babies for a year or more and am still nursing the twins. I wouldn't have been able to do this without my Medela breastpump. Thank you!user review
Reviewer: RJ
05/22/2010 04:41am
love this pump! Easy to use, efficent, and quiet. Love the shoulder bag compact and easy to take with you. We travel alot so that is important to me user review
Reviewer: Jennifer
05/19/2010 06:46am
Awesome pump. It is very reliable and works quickly and relatively quietly. I used it for 2 children with no problems at all. The only drawback is that both your hands are occupied when double pumping. If I had to purchase a pump again, I would opt for the hands-free version.user review
Reviewer: kristen
05/18/2010 09:32am
Awesome pump. I work full time and have not a had a problem at all. I do wish pump could separate from bag in order to wash bag but at the time it wasn't worth the extra money for that version. user review
Reviewer: Erin
05/18/2010 08:51am
Probably the best thing ever invented! I use my pump more than any other baby item and I stay home with my kids their first year. Very user-friendly, easy to clean, and pumps efficiently. Whether I'm pumping to buil my supply up, to build my freezer stash, or to pump while I am away from the kids, my PIS is perfect. It's almost ten years old and I have not had a single problem with it.user review
Reviewer: Charlotte
04/13/2010 07:25am
Great pump, reasonable price, and if you have an old medela you can trade it in for a credit! Easy to use, and i recommend it to all my friends who want to nurse but have to return to work. Get a replacements parts kit so you can have one set of parts sterilizing and can use another, it makes life a little easier.user review
Reviewer: Melanie
04/01/2010 03:55am
In my opinion, this is the BEST pump! I am now using it with my second baby. I've never had any problems with it (except condensation in the tubing, and I finally learned to run the pump with only the tubing connected after pumping). user review
Reviewer: Sacheen
03/24/2010 10:12pm
One of the best purchases I made. This pump is every bit as good as the medical grade I rented with my first baby. It's super portable and works on battery or electricity. I got tons of use out of this pump. Highly recommend it.user review
Reviewer: Sandy
12/10/2009 08:20am
I've been using my pump in style for 10 months now, I haven't had any problems with it and I find it quite comfortable. A friend gave me a different pump (that she had never used), and I thought I would use that one and home and keep the pump in style at work--that was a total mistake. The other pump was like cruel and unusual punishment in comparison to the Medela. It's the best pump on the market.user review
Reviewer: Suzanne Matthews
10/14/2009 06:39pm
Medela pumps are great! The cost is definitely worth it if you plan on breastfeeding and have to go back to work. I would recommend them to anyone.user review
Reviewer: Linz
09/28/2009 08:42am
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! So easy to use, convenient, and the best pump I have ever tries, that is not Hospital Grade! Definitely a GREAT BUY!user review
Reviewer: Becky
06/07/2009 04:12pm
This is a great pump!! I used it everyday for a year with my twins and am currently using it with my five month old. The bag is great to carry all you need and it looks very professional. I highly recommend this pump!!user review
Reviewer: Jessica
06/04/2009 06:48am
Great pump. Well made, durable, and holds up to a lot of use, and wear and tear. I pump and bottlefeed solely so I use mine alot. I've had no issues with it whatsoever. It's quick, efficient, and compact. The shoulder bag makes it discreet and gives you room to store all your supplies.user review
Reviewer: Laura
02/09/2009 08:57pm
I work full time and have lugged this pump for the last 15 months. It continues to work as well as the first time I used it. The dual electric is a must if you're in a hurry and need to get the job done quickly. I LOVE this pump!user review
Reviewer: Jeanne
02/01/2009 06:57am
This pump is worth the money, but be sure to get a hands free bustier or bra. For some reason, I didn't know they existed for the first week of pumping, and holding the breast shields up while pumping is some type of torture.user review
Reviewer: Eliz
11/23/2008 07:42am
Life saver!!! I love my pump. It lets me breast feed and still leave our baby with others. I am using it with our second child and it is just like new!user review
Reviewer: Lynne
06/21/2008 11:12pm
Medula makes the best pumps. Worth every cent. Very Happy! I work full time and went back to work after 12 weeks leave. I breast fed my son for a year and the Medula makes it super easy to stay breatfeeing without supplementing with formula. Fast, Quiet, Easy to clean, and Easy to transport anywhere.user review
Reviewer: Julia
05/30/2008 06:14am
Medela pumps are the best! I haven't had any problems with mine and would highly recommend them. Very comfortable and easy to use!user review
Reviewer: Jill
05/22/2008 11:05am
If not for this pump I would NEVER have continued to nurse and be successful at it. Such a lifesaver!user review
Reviewer: Rachel
05/18/2008 04:19pm
Don't know what I would do without this pump! I do home visits for my work (3 days/week) and sometimes need to find an empty parking lot and pump in my car (I bought the car adapter too). The shoulder bag is discreet. The pump is efficient (don't want to be pumping in the car for any longer than I have to). The little cooler and ice pack keep milk cold until I can get back to the office or home.user review
Reviewer: Amber
05/18/2008 01:33pm
This is a must have for breast feeding Moms!! I took mine to work and even made a cross country move with it, pumping all the way. It is the best pump for the price.user review
Reviewer: Christina Saint Laurent
01/01/2008 04:52am
When we polled our friends about baby gear, they unanimously recommended the Medela breast pump. We have been completely satisfied!user review

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Medela Pump in Style Advanced BreastpumpsMedela is the national leader in breastpumps and breastfeeding support products, with the most highly-rated products on the market. All Medela products are free of Bisphenol A and Phthalates, so you can use their breastmilk pumping, storing, and baby feeding products with confidence.

The Nurture Center stocks the full line of Medela accessories for pumping and milk storage, as well as all the replacement tubes, batteries, adapters, shields, and extra parts you could need for any current or older Medela pump. We are proud to be a Medela Certified Nursing Center and carry the complete line of medela parts online and in our local store.

Our most popular pumps are the Medela Freestyle and Pump in Style Advanced. They have free shipping by fedex ground but we also have options for overnight or 2-day if your situation requires it. Our Medela breastpump prices are so low, we can only quote them on the phone. So call 1-888-998-2229 to get the breastpump price or to place and order.

We have Medela hospital-grade pump rentals available for San Fransisco bay area residents - we carry the Symphony pump for either short-term or long-term pump rental. Call 1-888-998-2229 and ask for the store manager or the IBCLC lactation consultant on staff to assist you.
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