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Clearance! Moby Wrap - Major League Baseball Edition Oakland A's

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Moby Wrap brand is on overstock sale. Every Mobywrap item is $10 off, no coupon is needed

Moby® Wrap Baby Carrier Moby® Wrap in LilacClearance! This item is not returnable.

Finally, your baby can support your favorite local baseball team with MLB Moby Wrap. Available in Gray with Oakland A's logo. View more Moby® Wrap, Organic Moby® Wrap and Moby® D Wrap in other colors.

Why wear your baby? Wearing your baby encourages attachment, which is crucial to your baby's emotional development. Many studies have shown that fussy and colicky babies that are carried more, cry less. Using a carrier distributes your baby's weight better, giving your arms rest and freedom.

Moby Wrap -MLB As -gray Moby Wrap -MLB SF Giants -black Moby Wrap -MLB SF Giants -orange

The award-winning original Moby Wrap is the most recognized wrap-style baby carrier on the market. Its simple yet versatile design makes it suitable for any wearer, including plus sizes, tall people, and large-busted women. The Moby® Wrap is one long piece of fabric that you wrap around your body to carry the baby hands-free and without any straps, buckles or snaps. You can keep using Moby® Wrap for toddlers up to 35 pounds.

Learn more about Safe Babywearing and Benefit of Babywearing from the Nurture Center online library.

Moby® Wrap features and benefits:

  • Two-shouldered support for carrying in any position: on your front, back, or hip, baby facing inward or outward or cradled.
  • While in the Moby® Wrap, the baby is supported by three pieces of fabric, reducing the strain on baby’s spine
  • Breastfeeding is easy and private
  • When Moby comes off it can be used as a blanket or sunshade
  • Moby® Wrap can be used for babies up to 35lb
  • The Moby is soft 100% cotton and breathes well in warm weather
  • Moby® Wraps are machine washable in cold water, tumble dry low
  • The Moby® Wrap comes with instructions and a color booklet. Download Moby® Wrap Instruction Guide.
When wrapping the baby in the Joey or facing out position, be sure to spread the fabric not only in the baby’s center, but all the way down to the hollow of the knees in order to minimize the strain on the spine.

Because the Moby® Wrap is 100% cotton, it may shrink slightly when laundered, which is perfectly normal. Once you start wearing your wrap again, it will stretch back to its original size. If you are unable to bring the ends back to the front, try tying the wrap in the back until it stretches back to its original size.
Reviewer: Lainy
11/18/2010 05:55am
the fabric is just so long that you think it's impossible to work with, but you get the hang of it pretty quickly and it's really effective when you learn to wrap it tightly enough.user review
Reviewer: Sara
09/07/2010 12:41pm
I bought this wrap because my sister had the same one. I haven't be able to use it yet (still waiting on baby), but my sister loves hers, and she highly recommended it. she showed me several ways it can be worn, and they all looked quick and easy to learn. I can't wait to use mine!user review
Reviewer: Bianca C.
05/21/2010 08:33am
The Moby Wrap is perfect for younger babies. I used mine until my son was about 6 months old. He had acid reflux and the moby let him cuddle on my chest while in an upright position after eating. It also gave me the freedom to get stuff done when it seemed he only wanted to sleep on mommy's chest. This is a must have for any new mom! user review
Reviewer: Alexismom
05/18/2010 04:07pm
My daughter is 2 months old and goes through a long fussy period each day where she just wants to held and jiggled. walking around with her all day is not only time consuming (when do I eat or use the bathroom or do laundry or wash dishes??) but tiring too. She loves going in the moby because she's held very tight and close and just walking around the house and doing everyday household chores jiggles her. She usually falls asleep within about 15 minutes. It's great! I keep my hands and arms free and get stuff done and the baby gets the closeness and movement she wants and needs. It's a win-win. I also love that it can be used in many different holds for babies of all ages. This product has great longevity-a rare thing in baby products. It is very simple, just a long piece of fabric so there are no buckles or rings to break or irritate baby or mom (or dad). It's machine washable (and dryable-a huge plus so you don't have to wait hours for it to line dry). I will be buying a second for myself for when this one is in the wash as well as for shower gifts for all of my pregnant friends. 1 word of caution however...positional asphyxia is a concern when using this and most other baby carriers. Make sure your baby has at least a finger space between his neck and chest at all times and is not curled into a c shape. Until my daughter is holding her head up better I am sticking with the hug hold and newborn hug hold. These keep the baby lying chest to chest and it is a bit harder for baby to slouch down into that position. If a baby does slide down into a c shape, they can die within minutes and are unable to cry. Check your baby often.user review
Reviewer: MG
05/18/2010 04:06pm
I do indeed love this wrap. I've often said, "this is the world's best invention." While it is "only" 18 feet of cotton, it's more than that. The Moby Wrap is unique, and I'm confident it will be able to grow with me and my child as he ages. I'm excited to try the other wrap styles for when he's a little older and can hold himself up properly.
Some other reviewers complained that the wrap didn't work for their kid who was about half of the highest recommended weight; I disagree. My son was about 14 lbs last we checked and the wrap is still working just fine.
I also saw some people who said it didn't work as well because they have curves--hips, remaining baby weight, pre-baby weight, etc.. I got PLENTY of curves and it works just fine.
Different strokes for different folks!

I do agree that you have to put it on before leaving the house if you plan to use it at all because who would want the cotton to drag the ground while putting it on. I have been able to put it on in public as long as I can put the ends in a chair as I wrap it around me.
I also do agree that it does sag a bit after being on awhile--but it IS cotton.

I was super excited to receive this, and I still enjoy it. user review
Reviewer: J Evans
05/18/2010 03:53pm
Ive had this wrap for over 2 months now and i would've gone mad without it. My daughter absolutely LOVES this. she falls asleep almost instantly when she's in it. at first i had to be walking around for her to fall asleep, but now she just goes right to sleep even if i'm just sitting down.(shes in it right now fast asleep)

some people might complain about how long and complicated it is to put on but it REALLY takes me about 15 seconds to put on, then another 15 to get her in all nice and snug. i had a normal baby carrier that with all the buckles and such and adjustments it took WAY longer. This wrap also allows SO many different positions. when i know my daughter wants to be awake and checking things out i face her out, and vice versa facing in. so far her favorite is the hug hold and lotus hold. but theres about 8 different holds which is great because not every baby is the same and might like something else.

before purchasing this wrap i was trying to decide between this and the maya (i bought the maya about a month ago) and boy do i love the moby more! ill wear the maya around the house but it doesnt hold my daughter as secure as the moby. i ALWAYS wear the moby when i shop or go out or when my daughter is tired because she cant get comfortable and fall asleep in the maya.

OVERALL GET THE MOBY! I recommend it to EVERYONE and many people have come up to me and asked me what they heck i was wearing! user review
Reviewer: Kathryn
05/18/2010 05:49am
I wish I had this wrap with my first baby, it is absolutely wonderful. Its easy to use and perfect for when you have other small children or need to do chores around the house or go shopping. My baby loves it and so do I!user review
Reviewer: Keri Quinn
05/17/2010 11:43am
I got this as a gift from my mother-in-law so I could do things with my son while having use of both hands. The only down-side is the process of getting it on and keeping it clean bc it's really long! But, after you get the hang of it- it's great! i used it a lot when he was fussy and I wanted to "bounce" him while getting stuff done. Otherwise, I would be holding him and bouncing around without getting anything done around the house...user review
Reviewer: Cornelia Geary
05/17/2010 11:31am
This item is GREAT for small babies. I used it to carry my son in and out of my doughters preschool class almost every day for the first seven months of his life.user review
Reviewer: Gen
05/18/2008 03:39pm
I cannot praise this carrier enough. I love it. I used it constantly when my son was newborn, and even now, at 15 months and 25 pounds I can still carry him comfortably. While it may look complicated to tie on, once you've done it once it's very simple. There is no nicer feeling than having your baby snuggled warm against your chest, and it leaves your hands free to get stuff done!user review

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Moby Wrap

Moby Wrap
Moby Go structured baby carrierMoby Wrap brand is on overstock sale. Every Mobywrap item is $10 off, no coupon is needed

The award-winning original Moby Wrap is the most recognized wrap-style baby carrier on the market. Its simple yet versatile design makes it suitable for any wearer. The benefits of babywearing are many, and with the slightly, but not too stretchy, 100% cotton fabric, there's no better place for your baby to be.

Moby now offers stractured baby carrier Moby-Go® for babies 15-45lb with easy-to-reach side buckles adjustable for the perfect fit, cross-shoulder design evenly distributes weight, carrier seat is designed to allow the correct support for baby, unique dual foam waist belt provides comfortable support for parent, padded leg openings, removable Hood and hood storage pocket, safety elastic catch, utility Belt for adding On-the-Go necessities.

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