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Dutailier Glider Replacement Cushions

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Dutailier dealer - Gliders and Replacement CushionsDutailier just introduced new fabrics! Prices vary by cushion model. Replacement cushions are special order items, custom made for you by Dutailier in Canada and take 6-8 weeks to ship to you. There is no express shipping available for Dutailier cushions. They are sent to your shipping address via FedEx Ground with signature requirement. Please read our Dutailier Special Order Policy.

In a hurry? We have slipcovers in stock that fit many Dutailier gliders - and they are washable too! Check out the Dutailier Glider slipcovers

Sorry, Dutailier no longer makes replacement cushions for Townsquare models, Eagle, metal frame and fully upholstered gliders.

Please note! These are replacement cushions, not necessarily exact copies of the original cushions that came with your glider. Replacement cushions are guaranteed to fit but may be different in size, shape or stitching. Very few models may need snap adjustment on the armrests to fit replacement armpads. All replacement cushions come with arm pads, but not all arm pads have pockets.

Prices start at $175 and vary depending on your model number and if you have an ottoman. Many models replacement cushions can be ordered on this page. Simply select your model number and fabric choice on the dropdown lists above and add it to your shopping cart. Including the matching Ottoman cushion adds $89 or so. To order cushions for your glider and ottoman together, use this page - you are in the right place, just scroll up from this text description and select your glider and ottoman information from the dropdown menus above. The price will vary based on your chair's model. If you are only interested in an ottoman cushion and not glider cushions, follow this link to order Dutailier Replacement Ottoman Cushions separate from a set of glider cushions.

Don't know the model number of your Dutailier glider? Look for a white label with product and serial numbers under the glider seat cushion. For ottoman model number, look for a white label under the ottoman cushion. The product number will be on the wood frame of the chair, hidden by the cushions. It is not found on the cushions themselves. Since Dutailier has updated their product numbering system over time, if your glider is older you can look up its updated model number on our Dutailier Model Matching Help Page.

Call us at 888-998-2229 if this is at all confusing. We will know which numbers to use so your new cushions fit properly.

The glider replacement cushion set includes:
  • Seat cushion
  • Back cushion
  • Arm Pad cushions - only the 900 series gliders have pockets on the sides of the Arm pads.
There are about 80 choices of fabrics - you can pick any regular fabric for any glider model and it will not effect the price. Browse the fabric selection here

If you have an older model Dutailier glider and you don't see your model number on our dropdown list, please check our Dutailier Glider Model Finder to look up what Dutailier is calling your chair in their new numbering system. Dutailier has changed their model numbers over the years, and we always want to order exactly the right cushions to fit.

Once you know that new number, please also enter the model/product number in the type-in area as well. This helps us verify that you selected the appropriate replacement cushions for your glider. We can also identify your Dutailier chair if you email some photos - we will determine exactly which current model number will fit your old glider so that your new cushions fit just right. Send photos and questions to

Ultramotion 600 model cushions are available only in Ultramotion fabrics 3091, 3093, 3124, 3128.

We send free fabric swatches! Please contact us by phone or email and we will mail them to you so you see the the Dutailier fabrics in person before you decide. Choose 5 fabric numbers and don't forget your mailing address. Thank you!

Please note: Dutailier products are custom-order merchandise, and are not returnable. Claims for defect or damage in transit will be remedied by quickly providing a replacement product, but we cannot accept returns on Dutailier furniture for any reason. Please choose your fabric carefully, as it may appear different on your monitor. You may request swatches of fabric by emailing or call us toll-free at 1-888-998-BABY. Please include your mailing address.

It is possible to order replacement cushions made by Dutailier while providing your own fabric (COM). Dutailier does charge a customs fee of $50 for all COM orders. Please read Dutailier Custom Fabrics Program guidelines for instructions and yardage needed for your specific glider and/or ottoman model. To take advantage of the Custom Fabric Program while ordering on this page, select 'COM' in the Fabric Selector dropdown area.

Limited overstock special - We have limited model/fabric selection of Dutailier glider cushions and Dutailier ottoman cushions in overstock available for immediate shipping.

View Available Fabrics Find out more about Dutailier

View the Wood Finish Choices Dutailier Shipping and
Special Order Information
Reviewer: Michelle
03/05/2012 06:24am
I love the new replacement cushions that I ordered from the Nurture center!!! . The the order for my cushions came 2-weeks earlier then expected, and now my 13 year old Dutailer is like brand new again and the cushions fit perfectly...! Wonderful doing business with the Nurture center....!!user review
Reviewer: Elizabeth Pignataro
02/20/2012 06:35pm
I love, love, love my new replacement cushions that I ordered from the Nurture center!!! First, they were so helpful in telling me what dutailer code I needed to use. They shipped out samples that I requested a few days later. Then the order for my cushions came earlier then expected, and now my 12 year old Dutailer is like brand new again! It feels so good on my back! Wonderful doing business with the Nurture center!user review
Reviewer: larry kautzman
11/23/2011 02:56pm
I received my order 2 weeks earlier than expected. I am very pleased with timely service and the web sites ease of use.user review
Reviewer: Judy Mooore
07/28/2011 10:53am
I received my cushions today, they were just what I wanted. I loved them, could not have made a better investment.user review
Reviewer: Greg Hansell
07/02/2011 05:51am
Just received the Dutalier cushions we order for our 10 year old glider we bought when our son was born. Since my wife injured her back this had become her everyday chair in recent years. Until the new cushions arrived, I didn't realize how beat up the old ones were. Totally new and wonderfully comfortable. My wife is thrilled and cushions fit exactly as the old ones. A completely worthwhile purchase. The nurture centers web site made it easy to identify my discontinued glider model, and choose the replacement fabric. What was old is new again, Thank You.user review
Reviewer: Stella
05/18/2011 12:07pm
After hours of research and dealing unsuccessfully with a local furniture store, I finally found the Nurture Center. The salesperson was thorough and timely in helping me find the correct replacement cushions for my 11-year-old glider rocker. I successfully chose the perfect fabric and am now sitting in my cozy chair extremely happy with the positive, quality service I received. Thank you!user review
Reviewer: Lori
04/04/2011 02:46pm
Thank you so much for such wonderful quality! The cushions fit my 19 year old glider and ottoman. They are thicker than my old ones and the fabric looks great! The armrest pads are an added bonus. My original set did not have them and I always wished they did. Your staff made this purchase so easy. My only difficulty was in deciding which fabric I liked the best. You have made a sentimental old nursery chair new again! Thank you.user review
Reviewer: Kim Gough
03/21/2011 06:36pm
Our replacement cushions just arrived. They are beautiful. Thank you! Love the color.user review
Reviewer: Joe
11/18/2010 07:21pm
We ordered replacement cushions for our ultramotion and we were so very pleased. The customer service was second to none, communication was impeccable,the cushions arrived way sooner than expected and the price was very good and especially with free shipping. We will purchase from Nurture center again. We would have bought the ottoman replacement to but it was just so much easier and cheaper to do it ourselves. Very happy! AAA user review
Reviewer: Sheryll
11/18/2010 03:49pm
Ordered 5150 replacement cushions for an older model dutailer. Fabric was beautiful and the exact color I was looking for! Unfortunately, the top snaps didn't quite line up with the chair but customer service was great! I'm awaiting deliver of a new cushion to fix it :)user review
Reviewer: Jon
11/17/2010 11:51am
Cushions are better than the originals. Very pleased. Gave new life to a 16-yr-old rocker that had been gathering dust in the basement. Thanks!user review
Reviewer: Kristina
11/16/2010 01:34pm
I got a hand me down glider from a friend but it was in dire need of some new cushions. After doing a lot of searching I found The Nurture Center - and I'm so glad I did! The glider is a bit old and the style number on the chair didn't match any on the website. So I called them for help and they were easily able to determine which chair I had and assist me with my cushion order. The cushions are beautiful and fit perfectly!user review
Reviewer: Lee
11/15/2010 04:37pm
After getting lots of use with 2 kids, our poor glider cushions looked pretty sad. Happy to get new cushions! Pricey, but we tried getting a slipcover and it didn't fit. In the end, it's a good investment and we'll enjoy the glider for many more years. It was definitely good to get some swatches in order to feel as well as see the options. And though it seemed like it would be a long wait, the cushions arrived a little sooner than expected. The only little negative thing is that the new arm rests don't have the pockets like our old ones.user review
Reviewer: Marilyn Bellafiore
10/04/2010 04:01pm
Thank you for my replacement cushions and new ottoman. I've had my Dutalier glider for over 17 years and absolutely love it. It gets a lot of use from everyone in my family (including two teenage boys!) and is still in perfect condition. Only recently did I decide to purchase the companion ottoman and am now wondering why I didn't do so years ago. Although my cushions were still perfect, I ordered new ones so the fabric would match the ottoman. The glider, cushions and ottoman are very quality, and The Nurture Center has been very nice to deal with. user review
Reviewer: Amanda
08/26/2010 05:01pm
We were going to replace our cushions for our second child who is due in a month, but realized our cushions were in perfect condition. We ordered the chocolate dot slip cover. It arrived today, 4 days after I placed the order! The replacement cushions would be more expensive and I was told they would take weeks. These fit perfectly over our existing cushions, and look great! I can't wait for the nursery to be finished! Thanks so much!!!!user review
Reviewer: Teresa
08/20/2010 11:32am
I bought my Dutailier glider from Nurture Center several years ago (one of my first online purchases.) When I was ready for a change of cushion color, I decided to return to them. The cushions arrived faster than I expected, and they are perfect. Thanks to the sample fabric swatches that I received, I was able to choose just the right color. They are just as comfortable as the original cushions were. The free shipping was another bonus. The friendly communication topped off a perfect purchase. I would recommend Nurture Center to anyone looking for Dutailier products.user review
Reviewer: Joanne
05/21/2010 09:19pm
I was wondering what to do about our worn out cushions since we got the glider used. The cushions were a sight for sore eyes, and buns. The arm rests were hard to clean, and replacing them was fantastic.user review
Reviewer: Naomi
05/17/2010 10:51am
I love these cushions! They are so soft! When I rock my baby to sleep in this chair, I often fall asleep with her!user review
Reviewer: Mary
05/08/2010 11:10am
I love the cushions I ordered as far as comfort is concerned, but would caution anyone who orders them to get the swatches first. I assumed cream was an off-white and the color of these cushions is a more of a butter color. They are actually light yellow, not off white. They are not returnable, but they look fine with my red love seats and are super comfy. It seems that Dutalier has added memory foam to the cushions making them much more comfortable than the originals. I would have rated this a 5 had the color not been so far from what I expected. The Nurture Center was a pleasure to do business with - they deserve a 5. user review
Reviewer: Diane Collins
03/17/2010 02:38pm
I can not thank you enough for all of your help (many emails and phone conversations) to get replacement cushions for our church nursery gliders. The chairs had no marking on them, but you all were able to find a cushion set to fit them. I can't wait to order for the next set of unmarked gliders that we have. The fabric selection is awesome!user review
Reviewer: Mary H
02/25/2010 11:51am
I received my cushions today! THEY LOOK AMAZING! Thank you! And the fabrication and delivery was MUCH FASTER than I had thought…. Came before the baby did!

An extremely happy customer,

Maryuser review
Reviewer: Ed Rossier
02/03/2010 05:22pm
We received our new cushion for both the Glider Rocker and the Ottoman. It is exactly the color we were looking for. It feels sooooooo good to sit in the rocker now. We knew we original cushion needed replacement. Also, we received the one yard of material. Now we can make arm cushions as our original chair didn't come with them. user review
Reviewer: Aimee
01/08/2010 11:07am
Recommend! I bought my glider used, and with the new cushions the whole thing looks good as new and matches the room perfectly.user review
Reviewer: Marta
12/31/2009 03:01pm
I am so totally pleased with how my cushions turned out! The Nurture Center lady helped me find my serial number and worked with the manufacturer to figure out what to order to get a perfect fit, and it really worked out beautifully. thanks so much!user review
Reviewer: Courtney
12/29/2009 02:11pm
This chair is very expensive, but so worth it if you plan to breast feed (which you should!!!). I recommend buying a used one on craigslist then buying replacement cushions from The Nurture Center.user review
Reviewer: Robert
11/13/2009 12:10pm
The cushions were just what we wanted. Now our Dutalier can have a second life.user review

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We do require a Return Authorization for all returned merchandise. Items returned without a Return Authorization (RA) number on the outside of the package might be refused delivery or charged a restocking fee. To receive an RA number, call us at 1-888-998-2229 and we will be happy to assist you. Returned items must be received in brand new clean (sellable) condition including original packaging, manuals, warranty cards, tags, etc. Please note that items sold with free shipping will be refunded the product cost less our shipping expense. The customer is responsible for all return and exchange shipping costs, with the exception of flawed merchandise.

No returns on Dutailier furniture or glider cushions
No returns on products marked "Clearance" or "Final Sale"
No returns on books.
No returns on personal-use breast pumps.
Once the box is opened or unsealed, we cannot accept returns of bottles or breastpump replacement parts, due to hygiene and sanitation. Certain bulk parts come from Medela without boxes - because there is no sealed packaging in the first place, we cannot take these back.
There is a 20% restocking fee on - strollers, car seats, mattresses and co-sleepers

Dutailier gliders, cushions, and ottomans cannot be returned or exchanged but you are covered by warranty in case of flaws or shipping damages - just contact us and we can order a replacement and send you a prepaid shipping label at the manufacturer's expense.

You may select your shipping service during checkout. The Nurture Center offers Ground and Air services, as well as Priority Mail. Most orders ship within one business day (check the item availability info for exceptions to this rule). Please note that we cannot give credit for shipping costs if packages are delayed by the carrier in transit or by international customs inspection.

The Nurture Center ships Monday thru Friday (except holidays). Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays will not ship until the next business day. We will get express orders out the same day if ordered by 1PM pacific time.

Shipping costs are calculated real-time based on shipping method, weight, and distance. We keep these prices as low as possible by never charging a handling fee or adding any markup. To see the actual shipping cost, press the "Add to Cart" button for the items you would like to order. Enter your zip code and click "apply" to see your shipping choices. If you do not finalize your order, your personal information is not transmitted to us.

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The Nurture Center ships by Fedex Ground. We ship most items from Northern California - see the map below for FedEx Ground transit times to your location Please note that Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays are not considered transit days.

fedex ground shipping map

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If you order is placed late on Thursday or on Friday morning, and you need Saturday delivery, please enter "Saturday Delivery" in the Comments section. There is an additional charge for FedEx Saturday delivery, which will be added to your shipping charges after your order is placed.

Priority and First Class US Mail

Priority Mail shipping is appropriate for P.O. Boxes, APO addresses, and packages under 4 pounds. Packages under 13 ounces with the Priority Mail shipping option selected might ship First Class Mail.

Shipping Policies for Dutailier Furniture

All Dutailier Furniture must ship Ground. We cannot ship Dutailier Furniture outside of the Continental US, but we can sometimes ship the replacement cushions.

International Orders

We do ship worldwide. In checkout, the country selection box will show the countries that we are able to ship to at this time. We use Priority Mail International which is 6-10 day airmail service, and Express Mail International, which is 3-5 business day delivery service. Not all products are permitted to ship outside the United States.


California customers will be charged 7.25% sales tax.



dutialier glider rocking chair model 976Sale on all Dutailier gliders and ottomans! Use coupon code DUT5OFF to get extra 5% off already low sale price on any Dutailier glider and ottoman.

What new parent doesn't want a beautiful, comfy rocking chair in the nursery? Dutailier gliders are the most well-made, comfortable and attractive glider rockers on the market. Designed for easy nursing or rocking your baby, with many styles, features, finishes and fabrics to choose from. Made in Canada with excellent construction quality, a Dutailier glider rocking chair will be a welcome addition to your family room long after your baby is grown.

Dutailier makes gliders and ottomans safe for your baby's health. Dutailier wood gliders comply with Canadian and US norms on lead content, heavy metal content, flammability and formaldehyde. Dutailier fabrics and cushions are certified free of formaldehyde. The foam used in cushions is certified CertiPUR-US: low emission (VOCs) for indoor air quality and made without prohibited phthalates, ozone depleters (no CFCs), mercury, lead or heavy metals, formaldehyde and without PBDEs. Dutailier foam products are treated CAL117 without chlorinated tris (TDCPP).

Gliders, ottomans and cushions generally ship in 6 to 8 weeks, except if they are purchased through Dutailier's Stock Program, in which case the timeframe is 2 to 3 weeks. This is not a guarantee, just a guideline based on our experience selling Dutailier products since 2000. The Dutailier factory shuts down for the 2nd half of December, as well as for summer vacation in July, so orders placed in June and July will normally take 3-4 weeks longer. Signature is required on delivery.

Free Shipping within 48 contiguous States is automatic with purchase on most Dutailier Gliders and Ottomans (except for Prestige Comfort Recliners and Swivel 450 series Recliners)! Shipping Gliders to Hawaii and Alaska is available for additional fee.

Dutailier Gliders are on sale for a limited time! Take advantage of the savings!

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