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Soft Toys - Organic Cotton


Babies put everything in their mouths -- make sure your baby has the most wholesome toys around. And what better than Under the Nile or Miyim organic toys.

Under the Nile's 100% organic Egyptian cotton toys, with only vegetable dyes? You can feel good knowing that while you protect your baby from harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides & dyes, you also help protect future generations by reducing harmful chemicals in our environment.

MiYim products represent the selection of organic, the choice of something better than the norm. That's what we all want to bring home to our little ones, and with miYim we all benefit from the growth of this organic product line - today and tomorrow.

At miYim we have a promise to our customers and retailers, as well as an obligation to ourselves, to provide a purely original product that holds up the high standards set from the creation of our company. You'll feel good knowing that our products are all natural, made from raw cotton and colored with our pleasing hues.

From our production lines to your house, we follow a rigorous routine that ensures our plush collection is fully organic. We deliver only the finest ingredients to the arms of your children, an all natural, organic and entertaining collection that challenges the developing mind and spirit.

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