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Amber teething necklacesAfter shopping the fussy baby soothers, remember to check out our clearance sales!

Have a fussy or colicky baby? Colic or fussiness are common with many babies from about age three weeks through three months, especially late in the day. We sympathize! A crying baby is designed by nature to make us uncomfortable -- and most parents will do practically anything to comfort him or her. Here are some products that might soothe you and your little one. And remember, this time will pass!

Read "Colic" by Elizabeth Pantley

The Happiest Baby on the Block has literally redefined our culture’s understanding of the needs of newborns. The Happiest Baby 'Super-Soothing' Sleep Sounds CD instantly adds 1-3 hours to any baby's sleep when combined with swaddling (it should be played as loud as a shower all night long for at least the first 12 months of life). Choose from our selection of swaddling blankets.


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