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Lansinoh Lanolin for nipplesCheck out our sale on nursing tops!

These are the products that will help you get through those first few weeks of nursing your baby. You may be lucky and not need any breast care products, but we recommend you have one or two of these products at the ready when your baby arrives.

We really like the Soothies gel pads for soothing sore and traumatized nipples. Keep them refrigerated for maximum "aaahhhh" factor.

Our customers love the Earth Mama Angel Baby's Natural Nipple Butter and MotherLove Nipple Cream for soothing sore nipples and promoting healing. We like that they are organic and natural, food-grade, and glides on easily (and doesn't stain your bras like lanolin).

Some folks do like the Lansinoh and Medela as well, if you are committed to using a 100% USP modified lanolin products.

A pair of Booby Tubes is handy to have in case you experience engorgement or a breast infection (Mastitis). They can be heated or cooled to reduce swelling around the breast area or loosen a plugged duct (also great for helping your baby to latch on).

Read more about coping with sore nipples.


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