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Nursing Pads


There are many options for nursing pads out there! You will most likely need them for the first couple of months that you are nursing, and will likely need to wear them at night as your body regulates it's nursing schedule.

So, reusable or disposable? We sell equal numbers of both. Disposables are convenient, yet you may find yourself out of a box when you most need them.

Resuables are always available and can be simply thrown in the wash for cleaning. Reusable pads are thicker, so do tend to show more through tight-fitted clothes.

Can't decide? We suggest you have both available, then see what you like best. It never hurts to have a reusable pair available in case you run out of disposables. We keep several good brands in stock so you can try several kinds of bra pads and pick your favorite. Don't leave these off your registry!


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