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Traditional Medicinal Teas

Traditional Medicinal Teas
Traditional Medicinals Organic Just for Kids tea - Throat CoatTraditional Medicinals® offers Herbal Dietary Supplements, Natural Health Products, OTC Medicines and Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products for the global market.

The formulation of medicinal herbal products follows principles for herb combining as practiced in the systems of Tradtional Herbal Medicine (THM). Traditional Medicinals® honor and preserve the knowledge of the herbalists before us so that it may be retained for generations to come.

Traditional Medicinals® offers organic herbal teas for nursing mothers, pregnant women and kids.

Traditional Medicinals use pharmacopoeial grade herbs that are also certified organic and kosher whenever possible. Some of herbs are cultivated on farms using sustainable agricultural methods and some are sustainably wild harvested under organic certification rules for wild crops. All of the ingredients, with the exception of bee products (e.g. honey) used in pastilles and syrups, are plant-based (no synthetic, petroleum-based, or animal-derived components) and suitable for use by those seeking a healthy, natural lifestyle, including vegetarians and in most cases vegans as well.
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