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Sakura Bloom

Sakura Bloom
Sakura Bloom Ring SlingSakura Bloom makes fine ring sling baby carriers in single or reversible double layer linens and silks.

Sakura Bloom uses only textiles that are all natural fibers which allow the sling to breath and keep mom (or dad!) and baby cool in hot weather. Both linen and silk dry quickly and breath beautifully.

Silk is is not shiny, slippery silk (think satin). It is beautiful handwoven nubby silk with natural variations in the weave. Silk fibers are very short so it allows the sling to mold to your body perfectly without stretching and not too tight. It just envelopes you and baby perfectly, meaning you get the perfect fit every time. It is super supportive, breathes wonderfully and drapes beautifully.

Linen is amazing as well but in its own right. It is naturally antibacterial and has a natural wicking property to it so it is great for tropical climates where baby might be sweating. It will wick moisture away from baby and then because it is linen it will dry quickly on it own keeping you both comfy and dry. Flax is one of the strongest natural fibers and again breathes beautifully.

Both single layer and double layer linen slings are super-supportive. The primary difference is that the double layer provides a bit of additional support, which is helpful as your baby gets bigger.
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