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Loving Comfort

Loving Comfort
Loving Comfort Maternity supportMaternity support belts for pregnancy and postpartum use by The Loving Comfort brand are made in USA by Scott Specialties. Scott Specialties, Inc. began serving the medical professions in 1962. Their first product was a new concept in the conservative treatment of rib and back pain. Over the years it has become a standard used by orthopedists and therapists across the country.

The line of Maternity and Postpartum supports developed out of years of manufacturing back supports. Approved and recommended by doctors and health care professionals, the patented Maternity Support continues to be the leading choice. Maternity Support is made of latex-free, whisper soft elastic.

After the birth, since your abdominal muscles are going to take some time to heal, using a postpartum support can help support and ease the pain. Whether you had a natural birth or a C-Section, its firm yet gentle support comforts your tummy as it heals.
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