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Global Mamas

Global Mamas
Global Mamas hand crafted clothingGlobal Mamas is a fair trade organization located in Ghana, West Africa, supporting the sustainable development of women artisans by producing and exporting fair trade products like these colorful children's clothing.

Global Mamas goods are produced through the efforts of Women in Progress, an international not-for-profit organization assisting women of Africa in attaining economic independence. All proceeds made by Global Mamas’ sales go directly to the women producing the merchandise and to the business development programs carried out by Women in Progress.

Global Mamas use the ancient art of batik to color and dye their fabrics.

Most Global Mamas use hand-powered sewing machines, which allow them to continue work during Africa’s frequent power outages. When you purchase goods from Global Mamas, you are both preserving ancient culture and encouraging modern art expressions.

The tag on each garment has the name of the person who hand made it.
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