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medela certified nursing centerWe are an authorized dealer of Medela breastpump replacement and spare parts for the Freestyle, Pump in Style, Symphony and Lactina breast pumps. Nurture Center has carried Medela products since the year 2000 and we are a Medela Certified Nursing Center. We stock every sku in the Medela catalog, including all breastshields and valves, tubing, power adapters, and Medela bottles and nipples. Many replacement parts are shipped to us from Medela in bulk, and they will ship to you in a plastic bag, although they are all new. Certain bulk parts are also available to be purchased in retail packaging, you may choose to receive retail packaging at an additional cost. One of our most popular items is replacement tubing for the Pump in Style, and these come from Medela in plastic bags, never retail boxes.

The Nurture Center stocks the full line of Medela accessories for pumping and milk storage, as well as all the replacement tubes, batteries, adapters, shields, and extra parts you could need for any current or older Medela pump. We understand that suddenly needing to replace a vital part for your Medela pump can be a real life emergency, and so overnight shipping is available during checkout. On the other hand, postage for a simple pair of replacement tubes or a pack of membranes can be as little as $3 if you select regular US mail.

Are you pregnant and shopping for replacement parts to let you use an older Medela breastpump? Our replacement parts kit is the best place to start. The minimum supplies that you need in order to start pumping milk again with a pump you have used before is a new pair of Medela tubes, and a pair of breastshields with the yellow valves and white membranes, and then a set of bottles or bags to collect the breastmilk. It is normal to replace pump tubing and the little valves and membranes about every 6 months that you continue pumping, as well as any time you begin pumping for a new baby after a long period of not using your pump.


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