Medela Pump in Style Trade-in for Credit Pilot Program at the Nurture Center until December 31 2010

Medela certified nursing center

Edit - January 1 2011 - this program is closed
Are you shopping for a new Medela pump, or for replacement parts to let you use an older Medela breastpump? Read this first!

Medela Pump Exchange Program

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The Nurture Center store was selected by Medela for this exciting pilot program. We are now opening this up for our online customers throughout the US - To order a breastpump through this program, call us at 888-998-2229 We are a Medela 2010 Certified Nursing Center and our pumps carry the full manufacturer's warranty. The program ends December 31st so make sure to order in time and get your pump back to us quickly to get the credit!

What to Trade-in

If your pump is a Medela double electric pump, we can trade it in. You do NOT need proof of purchase and you do not have to be the original owner. The pump does NOT need to be in working condition. But it absolutely must be a real Medela pump.

What you get

You choose a Medela Pump in Style Advanced - Shoulder Bag, Backpack, or Metro bag - or you choose a Medela Freestyle pump. The credit is $30 when you buy a the Pump in Style or $40 off if you chose the Freestyle. When you order the new pump from us by phone, we ship your new pump to you for free, and included in that box is a prepaid shipping label so you can ship the old pump back to us at no cost to you. We will charge your card for the regular price at first and issue you the credit as soon as the old pump arrives to our office.

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Why we are doing this

Medela takes the pump off our hands so they can research how your older pump has held up through the years, and they credit us for the $30-40 we gave you, so this is win-win for everybody!

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