Nursing In Public In Style By Sherry Henderson, Associate Director of The Nurture Center 2000-2009

mom breastfeeding newborn

With the holidays approaching, many nursing moms are getting their first opportunity to attend family gatherings while trying to keep a hungry baby happy. Here are some tips for enjoying these special times and not getting stuck in the back bedroom whenever the baby needs to eat:

  • Make sure you are comfortable with your set-up, and practice at home. Many women report that nursing in a chair in front a mirror gives them confidence, and confirms that they can nurse in public discreetly.

  • If you are worried about making certain relatives uncomfortable, but don't want to leave the room yourself, simply say "I am going to nurse the baby now" or something along those lines. This gives skittish relatives a chance to excuse themselves if they like.

  • Feed your baby as soon as you notice the hunger cues - look for rooting, sucking his/her fist, or any other early hunger cues you baby gives you. You will have much more success discreetly latching on a quiet baby than one who is at the end of his rope!

  • Nurse your baby in a sling, if possible. A sling with an open tail works great as a cover up, and even in a pouch or closed-tail sling you can pull up the fabric to give you a little more privacy.

  • breastfeeding Or, for moms looking for an excuse to purchase the latest fashion craze - try a poncho! The loose style of a poncho is a great layering piece and works well as a privacy drape for breastfeeding. And when you wear a poncho, it's always handy, so you don't have to search for a blanket or put baby in a sling every time you need to nurse. We have a new collection of ponchos designed especially for nursing available at The Nurture Center, both casual and dressy, and in colors and styles to match our nursing camisoles. They work great for maternity, too! The Bebe au Lait (or Hooter Hider) is very useful, comes in nice colors, and is popular as a baby shower gift, probably because of the funny name and boutique packaging. Remember to put one on your registry>/a>!

We at The Nurture Center hope you have a wonderful holiday season!